Learning without Limits
Access without Boundaries
What We Do
  1. Immersive Learning
    Immersive Learning
    LifespanVL develops innovative 3-D and Virtual Reality-based socio-assistive learning platforms for social, emotional and cognitive development
  2. Research and Discovery
    Research and Discovery
    LifespanVL collaborates with major research organizations to gather information about social group dynamics, in a novel and unobtrusive way
About Us
LifespanVL develops and markets the Connexions3D Virtual Learning Platform, an adaptive 3-D platform for experimental Social Psychology Research.

We provide the framework for collecting data in human interaction studies and enable researchers to execute multi-sensor research projects tin order to gain insights with the integration of eye tracking, facial expression, EEG, GSR and Haptics technologies.

Our modular design supports the integrated 3D and Virtual/Augmented Reality content for stimuli, or partners can choose to populate their own specialized content. We support projects in areas such as Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social and Cognitive development (Autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, PTSD, etc.), Wayfinding (Travel & Transportation), and Juvenile Justice.

Founded in 2017, LifespanVL has offices in Atlanta Georgia and Seattle Washington (coming soon).

Our platform is currently being beta tested in the U.S and Portugal.