Learning without Limits
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What We Do
  1. Immersive Learning
    Immersive Learning
    LifespanVL develops innovative 3D and Virtual Reality-based eLearning platforms for social, cognitive and life-skills development
  2. Research and Discovery
    Research and Discovery
    LifespanVL collaborates with major research organizations to identify novel innovations that will address unmet needs in the marketplace.
About Us
LifespanVL, LLC is an immersive Education Technology (EdTech) company  serving individuals challenged with social and cognitive development disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, etc.We provide schools and families with access to quality social skills instruction, and innovative 3D learning tools and content through our Connexions Academy eLearning program.

Transition into adulthood is often a challenging time for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Social impairments, inherent in high-functioning autism (HFA), interfere with the process of building relationships, functioning occupationally, and participating and integrating into the community, all of which are aspects of social functioning that take on a larger role during the transition to adulthood. For many individuals with HFA, navigating these new social demands can be challenging.

LifespanVL is committed to providing individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders the skills necessary to lead productive, inclusive and independent lives