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Hydro Jetting Is Effective, Quick, and Safe For Your Plumbing

If you’re dealing with severe clogs or other symptoms of blocked pipes, it’s time to call a plumber for Hydro Jetting Los Angeles. This method is effective, quick, and safe for your plumbing pipes when performed by a trained professional.Hydro Jetting

First, your plumber will locate the drain cleanout to gain access to your piping system. Then they’ll use a camera to inspect your pipes before jetting.

If a plunger doesn’t work or snaking is ineffective, a plumber will most likely use hydrojetting to break up and wash away the stubborn clog materials. This high-powered water blast is much more effective than drain cleaning liquids or the DIY mix of hot water and baking soda. Hydro jetting also provides a long-term solution rather than a temporary fix that allows clogs to return.

Before using a hydrojetting tool, plumbers first conduct a video inspection of the clogged pipes. This helps them identify the clog location and the type of material that is blocking the pipe. It also helps them determine the right amount of pressure needed to avoid damaging fragile pipes or causing costly leaks.

After the video inspection, plumbers feed the nozzle of a hydrojetting machine into a drain or sewer cutout. The forward-facing nozzle fires a jet of water, while two or more backward-facing nozzles help sweep the resulting debris away while washing the pipe walls clean. The combination of high-powered water and vacuum suction power breaks up even the toughest clogs quickly and effectively.

When used by experienced plumbing professionals, hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly method of removing stubborn clogs and debris buildup. Unlike many other drain and sewer line cleaning methods, hydro jetting does not contain any harsh chemicals or produce waste products. It is also much faster and more effective than other drain and sewer cleaning tools, making it a great preventative maintenance service.

Commercial establishments often get clogged drains and sewer lines, which can cause major problems with productivity and a loss of business. This is especially true for restaurants, which are prone to large amounts of grease in their drainage lines. Hydro jetting can remove the grease and other substances that attract clog-causing debris, eliminating the need for other costly, time-consuming drain cleaning methods.

Hydro jetting can also be used to remove tree roots that have infiltrated home sewer lines, a common problem that causes line clogs and backups as well as possible structural damage to the property. While this is a more expensive option than regular drain cleaning services, it can be far less costly than repairing the damage caused by a sewer backup or flooding.

Preventing Clogs

In a home, you may be able to prevent major clogs from building up by doing simple DIY cleaning procedures every week. For example, pouring a mixture of half baking soda and half vinegar down drains can help dissolve grease and other food residues that build up and cause blockages. However, when you have a serious clog that hasn’t been eliminated by store-bought drain cleaners, you might need to call in a professional plumber.

Using traditional plumbing methods to remove clogs can leave residue that builds up, causing the clog to return. Hydro jetting is a better option because it washes away all of the debris and leaves your pipes clean. This prevents future clogs and maintains the health of your plumbing system.

Many clogs are caused by food, fats, and oils (FOG) that build up on pipe walls and create a barrier that blocks water flow. While traditional drain snakes can break up some of this buildup, they don’t always remove it all. This can be particularly dangerous in restaurants, where FOG is responsible for nearly half of all sewer line backups in the United States. Hydro jetting can safely and quickly remove these residues, making your restaurant’s plumbing more efficient.

Recurring clogs can be extremely frustrating, and they can lead to major leaks and damage to your plumbing and sewer lines. They can also contaminate your home’s water supply. If you’ve tried a drain snake and other plumbing solutions but still find that your pipes are slow to drain or completely clogged, it’s time to talk with a professional plumber about hydro jetting.

If your clog is located in your home’s plumbing, a plumber can easily access it with a hydrojetting hose that connects to a water hydrant. For a commercial sewer or municipal drain, a plumber will need to access it through an opening called a cleanout.

A plumber will place the nozzle in the clogged area and begin pumping water through your pipes. The water pressure is highly variable and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your pipes, with options as high as 35,000 psi. The water scours the walls of your pipes, destroying any clogs and cleaning the interior surface. The high pressure of the water can even dislodge tree roots that are causing problems in your sewer line.

Cleaning Pipes

Hydrojetting is one of the most effective ways to clean your pipes. Your contractor inserts the nozzle and hose into a point of access, usually a cleanout. Then, as the nozzle encounters debris, the jet shoots pressurized water at it until it breaks up or dislodges it. The debris and water are then flushed through your plumbing system and out of your home or business. This method is especially useful for removing grease, oil, and other tough blockages. The result is a pipe that is free of residue and much less likely to clog in the future.

If you have a severe clog that is not responding to drain clearing liquids, a drain snake, or the DIY combination of hot water and baking soda, it’s time for hydro jetting. Professionals who perform this service will first conduct a video inspection of your sewer lines. This will ensure that the clog is not in a collapsed or damaged pipe and that the line can safely handle the blast of water.

It’s important to note that hydrojetting should only be performed by experienced contractors. The high-pressure water can damage your pipes if not done correctly. This is why it’s always best to let a professional do the job.

Unlike some other drain cleaning methods, such as the DIY mixture of hot water and baking soda, hydro jetting removes the entire clog from your pipe. This means that you won’t need to call your plumber again soon for a re-clog. This is particularly helpful if you have an older plumbing system that is more susceptible to blockages.

The highly pressurized water also helps your pipes stay cleaner for a longer period of time. This means that you’ll have to clean your pipes less frequently, and they’ll work more efficiently.

If your commercial property suffers from recurring clogs, hydrojetting may be the solution. The powerful water jets will clear out years of heavy mineral and waste buildup in minutes, rejuvenating your plumbing system. This will keep your business running smoothly and prevent sewage from backflowing into your building and possibly contaminating the entire building’s water supply.


Sometimes plungers and drain snakes just aren’t enough to clear serious blockages. That’s when a professional plumber needs to step in with a hydrojetting machine that can remove even the most stubborn materials. Hydrojetting is an eco-friendly and safe procedure because it uses plain water, not harsh chemicals. It also ensures that pipes are properly cleaned and don’t introduce harmful substances into the environment.

Like any high-pressure equipment, there are certain safety measures that need to be taken when using hydrojetting machines. For instance, it is essential that the operator wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) that is rated equal to or higher than the maximum operational pressure of the hydrojet pump. The PPE should also include leg and body armor as well as hearing protectors to protect against noise hazards.

The nozzle of the hydrojet should be at least three feet away from the entrance to the drain or sewer line to avoid splashback. It is also crucial that the nozzle not be pointed directly at any person or animal, as this could cause severe injury. In addition, the nozzle should not be pointed directly into the drain or sewer opening itself, as this may damage the pipe walls.

It’s important to note that a risk assessment should be carried out by the contractor before using any hydrojetting equipment. This will help determine what type of PPE is required. The risk assessment should also identify any potential hazards or risks on site and what control measures need to be put in place.

Another thing to keep in mind is that high-pressure water can cause skin penetration. It can also cut through the lining of the lungs and arteries. This is why it’s important to wear suitable PPE and always supervise children closely when working with hydrojetting machines.

Unlike drain snakes and drain chemicals, hydro jetting can safely remove all types of material from your pipes. It’s also the most effective way to clean your pipes, especially if you have grease buildup or other stubborn substances. However, this method should only be used by a licensed professional plumber who will know how to use the machine correctly and take all necessary safety precautions. In addition, a plumber should also conduct a video inspection to ensure that the pipes can withstand the water pressure.